Stories and Humour


Educating RAAF Apprentices

I’ve been very fortunate to have the privilege of serving in both the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force. My time with the Navy started as an apprentice in 1969 and near the end of my time with the RAAF, I was placed in charge of new radio apprentices. READ MORE

Bread Roll

Years ago, when passengers could bring the occasional guest on board when the ship was in port, my mother was approved to bring my wife and I aboard the Queen Elizabeth for lunch. A magnificent event on a majestic ship. READ MORE

Caravan Story 1

Well we did it! The two novices and a dog undertook our first trip with a caravan. Be it only from Werribee to Daylesford for one night but we did it. I am getting ahead of myself so first let’s go back to the beginning to set the scene. READ MORE

Caravan Story 2

After surviving our first trip as novices we thought we needed to get back on the horse and plan our next adventure to the lovely town of Maldon in Victoria. The big day finally arrives and we start connecting the caravan to the car. Didn’t seem this hard last time but finally got it sorted using brute force and narrowly missed crushing an ankle.  READ MORE

Caravaning with Pets

We, like many other retirees, have two furry grandkids. Asher (AKA Lady Guts-A-Lot) is a 7 year old Cavalier and Baldrick (AKA Death Breath) is a 13 year old Terrier. READ MORE

Classic not Senior

Senior years are not for the weak hearted. Pardon the pun. We need to work diligently at being older. I’m not old. I’m just dilapidated and falling apart however, I do like to think of my self as a classic, as in collectable car terms, rather than a senior. READ MORE

I'm not a Gardener

This is true. It didn’t happen to a friend of a friend of mine, this happened to me. I am the first to admit that gardening is not my cup of tea and I would not make a gardener's armpit. READ MORE

Hearing Aids

Why is the people who need hearing aids are the ones who most refuse to wear them. To enflame the situation, they are usually a relative. Other people’s relatives never seemed to have the same problem talking and listening. READ MORE

Males view of Life

I once heard life compared to a toilet roll: The closer you get to the end the faster it goes. How true this is! Look at me!  READ MORE

A Navy beard

In my teens I joined the Navy and I found out early on that the military have policies for everything. One of their favourite policies is that they don’t allow you to start the day without shaving. READ MORE

Twenty Cents

Guys work with me on this one. We all have our favourite working gear. That old shirt and pants/shorts that we like to wear when we are working round the house. READ MORE

Vacuum Toilet

My wife and I like cruising, but one of the intriguing and exasperating things about a cruise is the vacuum toilet. A normal gravity toilet wouldn’t work in the potentially unstable environment of a ship at sea, so air pressure is used to move our waste. This is the vacuum toilet. READ MORE


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