Tai Chi - Meditation with movement


Qi gong

Pronounced "chee-gong" is a system of coordinated movements incorporating breathing and meditation see as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (pronounced "chee") and translated as "life energy". There are many exercises and movements related to Qi Qong. Shibashi is a subset of Qi Qong.


Shibashi, means 18 in Mandarin and pronounced "sher baa sher", is a series of energy enhancing exercises.

 Level 1                         

  1. Raise lower hands
  2. Open chest
  3. Paint the rainbow
  4. Separate the clouds
  5. Repulse the monkey
  6. Row the boat
  7. Lift and bat the ball
  8. Gaze at the moon
  9. Push the wind
  10. Cloud hands
  11. Dredging the sea L&R
  12. Push the waves L&R
  13. White dove L&R
  14. Angry fists
  15. Wild goose
  16. Flywheel
  17. Mark time
  18. Settle qi

Level 2

  1. Peacock unfurls tail
  2. Heavenly roll
  3. Willow flutters in breeze
  4. Needle at sea bottom
  5. Fisherman casts net
  6. Dragon circles mountain
  7. Heel kick to front
  8. Warrior in meditation
  9. Lohan focus qi
  10. Warrior draws bow
  11. Dragon stretches to sea
  12. Push to close door
  13. Maiden weaves cloth
  14. White crane
  15. Hit tigers ears
  16. Farmer grinds corn
  17. Circulate qi
  18. Embrace morning sun

Yang 108

There are three excellent videos on YouTube covering levels 1 - 6 demonstrated by Senior Master Chin Min Lian of the Celestial College.
An aide to remember the moves can be found at Yang 108 aide

Levels 1 and 2 at Video 1

Levels 3 and 4 at Video 2

Levels 5 and 6 at Video 3

8 Brocade

  1. Palms to the heavens
  2. Drawing the bow
  3. Holding heaven and earth
  4. Looking backward
  5. Sway the head and shake the tail
  6. Hands move down
  7.  Thrusting fists
  8. Bouncing heels

See an example at 8 Brocade

Beijing 24

A beautiful example is shown HERE and HERE

Tai Chi Duan Wei

A good demonstration. HERE and HERE

Steps for One Way HERE.



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