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When someone you know is doing it tough for any reason, we as Australians instinctively step in to help. Being a "mate" to someone is in our upbringing and Australian culture. Time in the Services promotes the sense of mateship which continues all our lives.

A mate is not gender specific and can cover a multitude of scenarios but in the end you know who your mates are.

The membership of the sub branch is aging and "mates supporting mates" in the Melbourne West sub branch is encouraging all family and members to check on the well being of your mates.

You don't need to do everything yourself. If a known mate is having difficulty, currently in hospital or just needs a bit of support, the sub Branch is here to assist.

Couple of Tips
   Call or visit your mate when possible.
   Talk to the mate's family and friends. They can also keep you posted if a mate is having some difficulty.

Contact the
Secretary if you need assistance with your mate or if your mate goes to hospital, a card and visits can be arranged.

Keeping in touch with DVA

Another way to assist your mate is to keep the DVA informed if your mate cannot do this themselves. Changes such as:
• change address
• move to a residential age care facility or hospital

In the sad event of your mate's passing
• the family or the executor of your estate needs to tell us as soon as your mate passes away
• your mate's partner or family may have eligibility to some entitlements, i.e. funeral costs
• a memorial plaque or headstone for your mate's  grave in a public or private cemetery
• your mate's pension will be paid until the date of their death; if it is not stopped immediately after their death, it can quickly build up a debt that your mate's  estate will have to repay

You can contact the Veterans’ Affairs Network - General enquiries (8am-5pm, Mon-Fri)

Telephone: 133 254
Regional callers: 1800 555 254
International callers: 61 2 6289 1133

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