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Number Subjects Questions Answers
Lesson 1  Electricity, Ohm's Law and SI prefixes.   L1 Questions L1 Answers
Lesson 2 Electric energy, Understanding units. Series and parallel voltage sources.  
Video - Power Formula with Resistance.
L2 Questions L2 Answers
Lesson 3 Resistor colour code. Use of a multimeter. Proving Ohm's law. Measuring resistance in series and parallel.
Lesson 3 Practical Exercise                          Meter article 1                 Meter article 2
L3 Questions L3 Answers
Lesson 4 Kirchoff's Laws and nodal analysis.      Nodal Analysis Practice Sheet  L4 Questions L4 Answers
Progress Test Lessons 1 to 4. PT Questions PT Answers
Lesson 5 Flemings Left and Right hand rule. Alternating current and . Transformers L5 Questions L5 Answers
Lesson 6  Capacitors and capacitance.     Inductors and inductance. L6 Questions L6 Answers
Lesson 7 RL and RC circuits. Resonant circuits. Series and parallel.   Reactance. Filters   Resonance article
L7 Questions L7 Answers
Lesson 8 Decibels.  Valves   Video:
Video - Decibels
L8 Questions L8 Answers
Lesson 8A Semiconductors BJT and diodes   L8A Questions L8A Answers
Lesson 9 240 V connections. Power supplies. Fuses. L9 Questions L9 Answers
Lesson 9A Oscillators. Phase Locked Loop (PLL) and Signal. modulation methods   L9A Questions L9A Answers
Lesson 10 Receivers. Types. Terms. Block diagrams   L10 Questions L10 Answers
Lesson 11 Transmitters . Block diagrams L11 Questions L11 Answers
Lesson 12 Speakers. Microphones. Transmission Lines Baluns L12 Questions L12 Answers
Lesson 13 Antennas   Smith Charts L13 Questions L13 Answers
Lesson 14 Propagation L14 Questions L14 Answers
Lesson 15 Measurements and measuring devices    L15 Questions L15 Answers
Lesson 16 Digital signals L16 Questions L16 Answers
Lesson 17 Op Amps and EMI EMC L17 Questions L17 Answers
Lesson 18 Reading Circuits, Triac, Mosfets, Hall Effect and SCRs  
Lesson 19 Safety 240 V mains and safety in the shack L19 Questions L19 Answers
120 question review and consolidation paper. QUESTIONS  ANSWERS 
Practice Exam 1 Exam 1  
  Practice Exam 2 Exam 2  


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