Foundation Licence Theory

This material is free for your personal use in preparing for the Foundation licence theory exam.

Work though each chapter then undertake the questions for that chapter. Then, compare your answers with the answers offered.

The material provided below does not replace the Foundation Manual but, is designed to complement and provide self testing questions.

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Chapter Subjects Questions Answers
Chapter 1-1 1-1  Electricity, Ohm's Law and SI prefixes. C 1-1 Questions C 1-1 Answers
Chapter 1-2 1-2  Power and symbols Video - Power Formula with Resistance C 1-2 Questions C 1-2 Answers
Chapter 1-3 1-3  Frequency and wavelength C 1-3 Questions C 1-3 Answers
Chapter 2 2  Capacitance , Inductance and Resonance C 2 Questions C 2 Answers
Chapter 3-1 3-1  Transmitters C 3-1 Questions C 3-1 Answers
Chapter 3-2 3-2  Receivers C 3-2 Questions C 3-2 Answers
Chapter 4 4  Digital Signals C 4 Questions C 4 Answers
Chapter 5-1 5-1  Transmission Line C 5-1 Questions C 5-1 Answers
Chapter 5-2 5-2  Antennas C 5-2 Questions C 5-2 Answers
Chapter 5-3 5-3  SWR C 5-3 Questions C 5-3 Answers
Chapter 6 6  Propagation C 6 Questions C 6 Answers
Chapter 7 7  Tranceiver Controls C 7 Qustions C 7 Answers
Chapter 8 8  Safety C 8 Questions C 8 Answers
Chapter 9 9  EMI and EMC C 9 Questions C 9 Answers
Chapter 10 10  Regulations C 10 Questions C 10 Answers
Chapter 11-1 11-1  On Air Part 1 C 11-1 Questions C 11-1 Answers
Chapter 11-2 11-2  On Air Part 2 C 11-2 Questions C 11-2 Answers
Additional Reading Decibels                          Video - Decibels in Amateur Radio
Progress Test There are over 100 questions in this practice paper and cover all the theory topics and is updated to include Edition 4 of the manual.        Progress Test Answers
Sample Exam Previous exams with answers included. Sample Test Answers
WIA Exam Timed online test with your results. This is a good indication of your rediness to sit the exam.

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