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The intention for this site is to provide a place where technical ideas from the community are encouraged, explored and developed.
Where projects can take seed and grow.

Explore the site.

Behind the site, there is a world of experience and knowledge freely willing and able to assist guide and mentor inventive ideas.
Wishfully, the result of these ideas and projects is to, in some little way, make the world a better and safer place.

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Repair Cafe

"What's a repair Cafe?", I hear you ask.
This is a place where the public take broken items for repair by volunteers. Not all items are fixable but the success rate is high and this practice keeps a lot of items out of land fill. Do a search for a Repair Cafe in your area. We have a Repair Cafe once a month in our local area.       Go here


Interested in electronics and not sure what to do? Try amateur radio! Learn about electronics while studying for a Foundation licence. The Foundation licence is the basic level of knowledge and skills to assemble and operate a setup in the amateur radio spectrum.          Go here.

Newcomers Notebook

A series of articles giving an insight to electronics without the complex maths. Newcomers Notebook is published every two months in the "Amateur Radio" magazine by the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA).       Go here

Amateur Radio Reference Sheet

The reference sheet is a one page double sided aid for Australian amateur radio operators.  Download from here